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Gaffi Stick & Respirator

Again, with the mask out of the way these were a walk in the park. Mostly.

Here's the basic parts of the Gaffi stick. Some plastic pipe, a small plastic food container, a small plastic trident and fins cut from corrugated cardboard.

I cut off the outside tines of the trident and glued the fins on. The hot melt glue really comes into its own here. After unsucsessful attempts to bend the pipe I settled for simply gluing the food container on at an angle. Experiments with forming a spike in the container also did not go well. By this time it's two days to Halloween and I really wasn't prepared to mess about with it. It's only to give an impression and it's going to be dark. The stick of the trident was padded out with some card and glued into the pipe. Finally, the whole lot was sprayed black. You'll see the finished article on the next page.

The respirator really was a bit of an afterthought. I grabbed a couple of aerosol lids, sprayed them silver, spaced them with rolled up card and glued a strip of leatherette around it. The neck loop was created with drinking straws threaded on some string which was glued into the straws that attached to the cylinder. I made holes in the middle of the aerosol lids such that the straws were a tight push fit. This meant they didn't have to be glued in and one could be pulled out to get it on and off. Although black is technically incorrect I was down to the last 24 hours (10 of which I was going to be at work) and I had to make do.

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