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Robes & Bandolier

These were probably the easiest items. Just some straightforward, basic sewing. Remember to sew things up while they're inside-out for a neat finish. In the following text, turning inside-out actually means turning outside-out!

The robes took about 20 minutes. Take 2m of calico. Fold in half. Cut a hole for the head. Run a big long 'U' from hem to armpit and cut down the middle to form the sleeves. Finally, turn the whole lot inside-out. A couple of loops of elastic at the end of the sleeves stops them riding up as he brandishes his Gaffi stick in delight at clubbing Luke over the head.

The bandolier is made from brown leatherette. Some basic pocket shapes, stitched up the sides and then turned inside-out. Likewise a long stip folded over for the belt to thread them onto (took flipping ages to turn inside-out - a wider belt would have been easier). The belt is fastened with more hook and loop stuff.

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