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Welcome to Recreational Light & Magic

In the first instance I guess I should thank (and apologise to) Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) for the inspiration for the design of this site. Obviously I haven't put quite so much effort in and it's hardly comparable, but I have paraphrased their logo (I figured a candle flame in place of the light bulb showed a suitable reduction in tech-level) and used a similar layout. So, thanks and sorry.

So what's it all about?

My son, Ashley, being 6, is heavily into Star Wars and the Tusken Raiders are his favourite. He desperately wanted to be one this year for Trick-or-Treating. So I thought, "This shouldn't be too hard; it's basically a big robe, some goggles and a bandaged head," and I started doing some research on the web.

Once again, thanks are due, this time to Studio Creations. They've got some cracking "How To"s for the coolest Star Wars characters, however as I wasn't about to build a vacuum forming table for creating the mask I decided to take a far more "Blue Peter" approach. For those outside the UK, Blue Peter is a kids' TV programme that is famous for making stuff out of household items; check out their Tatooine Playset.

These pages are here to show you what I did. Just in case anyone else out there fancies having a go at a slightly cheaper, if no less involved (I'm glad I started in early September) costume.

Tools & Materials >>>